Vulnerable to bullying or just children being children?

A case of bullying  as reported by one of our NFIS parents. After months school denying my youngest son was being bullied, despite the evidence, his primary school’s governors finally updated their SEN policy to include the phrase: We recognise that sometimes children with SEN may be more vulnerable [...]

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Why does the parent always have to be more professional than the professionals?

Yet again I hear of a parent being informed (this time by a paediatrician) that they need to ‘work with school’ and so I feel the need to vent… This is what almost all parents want more than anything else: to be able to work with WITH school (staff). [...]

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When dyslexia needs aren’t met, school can be a difficult place to be.

After a horrible, distressing first term of a bad transition to High School ending in complete School Refusal, the head teacher asked, “ Have you thought about looking for a different school?” Er, no, not until you just asked the question that seems to mean you don’t want him [...]

Are Children Fine in School or Not? -What can happen when parents and schools disagree.  

Are children Fine in School or Not?   A case study of  What can happen When parents and schools disagree. Are these children at risk of harm?         What do parents do when they believe their child is struggling at school? Maybe they have noticed a change in mood or behaviour [...]

Resolving Problems with Schools – tips for meetings and complaints!

This article was written based on research and personal experience and is not meant to provide legal advice. I am currently involved in a social services investigation, and a referral to the LEA attendance court officer for prosecution which I suspect is the result of one complaint I made, [...]

A parents letter to highlight the lack of suitable educational provision and insight into high functioning autism.

Written by Leoni King Commonly, the current school system isn’t able to offer bright, capable, high functioning ASD kids what they need. They don’t fit a special school but struggle massively at the mainstream. Mainstream can be too big with not small enough classes, too much sensory overload, the [...]

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