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Bullying and school refusal – what can we do?

Unsurprisingly bullying can be a contributory factor in school refusal and attendance difficulties. Children and young people may be avoiding school to protect themselves from bullying or as a result of the effects on their self-esteem and mental health. "Bullying is repeated negative behaviour done on purpose to hurt [...]

Assess for SEND, particularly when anxiety is a reason for absence

Most children who school refuse or struggle to attend, do actually want to attend, but for one reason or another they cannot. Potentially this means that they are unable to access an appropriate education. Understanding the difficulties they face is crucial to help them to improve their attendance and [...]

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Re: Snow Closure Days (Based on advice received by School Refuser Parents)

Dear Head Teacher, As you are aware school attendance is very important to us, and we have been monitoring your school closures, and feel that your snow closure days now reach the threshold for concern. Every day a school shuts due to snow, or any other reason, there is [...]

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Vulnerable to bullying or just children being children?

A case of bullying  as reported by one of our NFIS parents. After months school denying my youngest son was being bullied, despite the evidence, his primary school’s governors finally updated their SEN policy to include the phrase: We recognise that sometimes children with SEN may be more vulnerable [...]

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