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A parent member of the NFIS support group posted this today: I need to write a letter to my daughters school, Paediatrics, CAMHS, ‘high ups’ in the NHS and DfE, Norfolk County Council (education and social care) and my GP Surgery (think that’s everyone). But I’m tired and weary [...]

Assess for SEND, particularly when anxiety is a reason for absence

Most children who school refuse or struggle to attend, do actually want to attend, but for one reason or another they cannot. Potentially this means that they are unable to access an appropriate education. Understanding the difficulties they face is crucial to help them to improve their attendance and [...]

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Advice for schools and professionals working with autistic children and school refusal/phobia/anxiety

The numbers of children who are autistic who school refuse are very high. Helping any child to cope with anxiety can be difficult but autistic children and young people (CYP) face added difficulties. The most important thing anyone can do is to not add to that anxiety. Many autistic [...]

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A parents letter to highlight the lack of suitable educational provision and insight into high functioning autism.

Written by Leoni King Commonly, the current school system isn’t able to offer bright, capable, high functioning ASD kids what they need. They don’t fit a special school but struggle massively at the mainstream. Mainstream can be too big with not small enough classes, too much sensory overload, the [...]

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