Is My Child Really ‘Fine’ In School?

Increasingly parents of children who struggle at school with SEND, health problems, or bullying are reporting that their children are described as being ‘fine at school’. If this happens it may be helpful for parents and other professionals to ask for clarification and consideration of the following points. Before [...]

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What does ‘fine’ mean?

What does ‘fine’ mean? By Rosie and Jo’s mum. (courtesy of 'It Must Be Mum') “When she’s in school, she’s fine…..” “Once you’ve dropped her off, she’s fine.” “She’s been fine all day.” I’ve probably heard these phrases and other variations of them hundreds of times over the years. [...]

A parents letter to highlight the lack of suitable educational provision and insight into high functioning autism.

Written by Leoni King Commonly, the current school system isn’t able to offer bright, capable, high functioning ASD kids what they need. They don’t fit a special school but struggle massively at the mainstream. Mainstream can be too big with not small enough classes, too much sensory overload, the [...]

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