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Project Description

Problem Shared

The Problem Shared campaign is calling for every school to have a counsellor, so that every pupil has somebody to talk to if they’re struggling.

NFIS support group member, Emma started the campaign after her son Daniel took his own life, as she explains:

Daniel was 15 years old and due to sit his mock GCSEs in May/June 2017, he’d sat a few mocks but I could see the changes in his behaviour and he became obsessed with revision because he thought he wouldn’t be able to remember everything.

One day when I came in from work I found him rocking at the kitchen table just staring at the wall and I told him he had to stop… this was a week before he took his own life… he had a mock exam on the Monday and he took his life Sunday afternoon whilst I was downstairs. Ever since I have been campaigning and meeting MPs etc and I’m slowly getting somewhere and people are listening

This is the petition link:


This is the Campaign call:


Please sign the petition and support Emma’s campaign.

Here is a video made by Emma and some of Daniel’s friends


  • Connect with families and professionals
  • Discuss triggers and influences
  • Share guidance and resources


  • Campaign and raise awareness
  • Highlight child and family perspectives
  • Change thinking and practices


  • Read relevant research and literature
  • Participate in research projects
  • Support for related studies



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